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Let Jiggin Jim's Taxidermy preserve the moment you pulled the trigger, let the arrow fly or set the hook by creating a once in a lifetime mount you will be proud to display.

As an avid hunter and fishing guide, I know the importance of a high quality taxidermy mount. I use top-rated products and up-to-date techniques to capture the essence of the animals brought to my shop.

Reproductions Available. Special rates for trophies caught during a Fishing Trip with Jiggin Jim's Guide Service.

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Game Heads

In our taxidermy studio, we take the utmost care in handling your trophy; from promptly getting your hide fleshed and salted to properly fitting the hide on the form making sure hair line match, eyes are set perfect and define muscle detail to the finishing work.

We use only the best supplies on the market to mount your trophy and use the finest techniques from some of the best wildlife artists in the world.


Fish Mounts

Our skin mount fish look as if you just pulled them out of the water. We put extra time into our fish adding a lot of detail. We hand carve the fish bodies, we can insure that the skin of your fish is the perfect fit for the body making your mount more lifelike. After the painting is finished we will then place your fish on either driftwood or a wood plaque. We can also do a water scene with splashes and ripples to make a magnificent art piece.